whats wrong with me???am not sexy enuff for him??

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    I am in a 4 year relationship with a guy who is just unwilling to experiment further sexually, and after many conversations and discussions, i feel as if im getting nowhere!!-our sex life was great at the beginning -but now its so routine and boring-our foreplay consists of him saying ‘lets go to the bedroom/downstairs (you get the picture)-and thats it!!-maybe he plays with my breasts but then its wham bam thank you maam-and most of the time there is no concern if ive acheived orgasm-but im more than willing to try and ‘please’ him, and turn him on etc; i am an attrative woman, but sometimes am not so sure,and am very insecure about my body(as ive had two kids….-hes not the father by the way)i have fantasies of all sorts but cant get my nerve up to just do them-any suggestions or comments???please help!!!thank you!!!!

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    Name : dannielle, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : bicurious/straight, Race : dutch/spanish/caucasian, Religion : Christian, Age : 28, City : kitchener, State : NA Country : Canada, Occupation : photo lab technician, Education level : High School Diploma, Social class : Middle class, 
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