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    My friend has come across a strange problem. She and her husband live happily with their two kids. Her husband’s widower father is also with them and they are a happy family together. Six months back the old man came bed ridden after a viral fever, with both his hands and legs losing strength. He is only 62. My friend Tina and her husband love and respects him very dearly. In their paternal compassion they together happily take care for all his personal necessities. He needs support to move in his bed or walk in small steps inside the home and in eating his food and even for his personal hygiene of toilet and bathing. He keeps himself cheerful and the family doesn’t want to move him to any old age home or a nursing home. Tina is a wonderfully meek and lovely lady. Although she keeps herself a housewife occupied with household matters she is a graduate nurse by profession. She helps him even in toilets and she does the sponging wash of his body. My friend said that one day, as she was cleaning him after his toileting, she found some dirt at the tip of his penis. The inside of the foreskin was not cleaned all these days and she cleaned it herself. To her surprise, he ejaculated although he didn’t have a strong erection. The old man too was shocked on the incident, but the good lady only consoled him telling him it is nothing but a process of male physiology. The strange thing is that his father told her later that he had been under great mental strain of lustful thoughts. That feeling even curtailed his freedom to talk to his daughter-in-law. He said that he got relieved of it that day. Now my friend asks should the old man be helped to have his ejaculation. Tina readily continues her duty of doing all his personal hygiene and she cleans his foreskin. She asks me to advice how to handle it when he gets an erection next time? Is it right to help him ejaculate when her father-in law gets an erection? Will she be helping him or prompting him to develope lusty thoughts after her? Will it not be she doing masturbation to him? Tina has told of this incident to her husband. He doesn’t find reason to stop his wife doing so, as long as she is doing it out of compassion and he says that he don’t want to talk to his father on this subject as it would be shadowing their good family atmosphere. Hope somebody would give wise advise.

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    Name : LIKEY, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Asian, Religion : Christian, Age : 43, City : kochi, State : KS Country : India, Occupation : HOUSEWIFE, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Middle class, 
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