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    Matt S.

    Im 28 yrs old it started when i was in the 5th grade. One of my friends were teasing me saying i probally jacked off with a vacum cleaner. Ofcourse we laughed about it, but when i got home after school that day, I thought about it and tried it. The feeling was great, at this time i was still a virgin but actively masterbating.My sister caught me a few years later and held it over my head i think she told my mom about it but nothing was aver said for fear of my embarresment. Now im 28 and am comfortable with it and still do it once in awhile when i can find a vacum cleaner with a big enough whole. To anyone who reads this i recommend trying it its a whole new feeling. I dont replace it for oralsex with my wife but its fun to go back in time and do it.My question is does anybody else do this and what do you think about it? MY e-mail is

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    Name : Matt S., Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Age : 28, City : LA, State : CA Country : United States, 
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