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    here is the classic question everyone keeps asking finally answered…the reason u always see black men with fat or ugly white simply this…black men think it makes them superior to have a white women ,they feel like they are in control of something white…which makes them better, they feel like they have conquered something white, thats why they always cheat on them and hurt them because they want to have power and see a white person hurt. And the women are always ugly because they can’t get any decent white men so they settle for someone who is cute but black…the black women are mad because they feel that ‘ white people have already taken everything from us, why do they get to take our men too’….i am not saying this is how all black men think, or black women for that matter, but i know this is the majority of the reason you see those types of couples…you can argue thats not true but everyone knows it is…

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    Name : Julie, Gender : F, Age : 27, City : Akron, State : OH Country : United States, 


    Girl what do you know? Obviously nothing because you think you know the answers to everything and why a particular race does something.Have you sat down and talked to a black man with a fat, white woman and asked him why he is with her..White people are not superior to anyone..especially not black people since that is societys thoughts…so a black man does not have to date a white woman to have power..they have power without essesntially you are a racist because you evidently think your people are superior to mine. According to you if you are black date a white and they think they are powerful..Not at all..its simply an attraction and sometimes a sex thing…people have different reasons..what you think is fat and ugly someone else may think is beautiful..some black men date whit

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    Name : Brittany, Gender : Female, Race : Black/African American, Age : 20, City : Washington, State : DC Country : United States, Education level : 2 Years of College, 
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