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    Why is it , that a man, thinks that just because he was born with a little extra meat down there aka a penis, that he can dominate a woman? What gives him that right ? In other countries, animals get more respect than women! As a femist, I find the whole throw acid in your womans face, make her cover up thing very offensive and degrading to my gender. America is a lot more subtle though. A attractive young female walks down the road, and gets cat-calls and whistles and horns beebing at her. Or somtimes if you have a rather large bust size, some flaming imbesile will yell ‘ show me your tits’ Im sorry, but I had this happen to me, all of the above, and im sorry, but its very very offensive. It made me have violent feelings towards the males yelling such things. A male has no right to yell such things at a female . Its just wrong. And men view women as weak, because basically our gender. A female can do anything she wants in my opinion. She can run for president if she wanted to. Why is it that men think women are supposed to stay at home, take care of the kids, and cook them dinner? Why is it that men think they can hit a woman if she does not ‘obey’ them ? Is this right ? no. I think women should be proud to be a woman, a female. Men and women should be eqauls, not one above the other. This is how i feel, if you disagree, thats your opinion and im not going to try to change it, neither will i agree with it. Thank you.

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