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    I have found a girl from my native country here in USA. We live 100 miles from each other. I have found her by internet and in a week i met her. We had cultural program whole day, were at restourant and after that we had sex at her appartment. I staied there 3 days, Slept 2 nights with her, but had a sex only one night, second night she was so tired. but on the 3th days she was at work, I just were walking in city and I met her those day at 5 pm. She cames with a girl, we were drinking wine and at 7 pm she told me that she have found work for tommorow and she sorry, but had to got up early and I have to go to my place. She provide me till buss station, kissed me and asked to write e-mail when I come to my city. I just wrote it – that I came OK and fill good. After that, she asked me by e-mail again how am I, I answered – OK and was gentled. Now 3 days passed and no e-mail from her. But I fill attraction to her. It not so strong-strong, but we understand each other, I think that she is happy of at least 1st day our walking. What I have to do to attract her? Write e-mail? I think she waiting for it and if I send her e-mail, she will forget about me. But I fill if I make good things (I am not defenetly sure how) she cold be mine. If you know how to do it, please let me know..

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    Name : Axel, Gender : M, Religion : Muslim, Age : 27, City : Milwaukee, State : WI Country : United States, 
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