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    I’m Jewish and sex is considered a beautiful, healthy part of life? The first commandment God gave Adam & Eve was “be fruitful and multiply”. With the exception of rape, adultery & various types of incest, sex is not considered sinful by Jews. How did sex become transformed into something dirty and nasty? Does St. Paul’s philosophy enter into this?

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    The Europeans who first came to the US happened to be of a sect that demonized sex. The US to this day suffers from a sex-phobic, Calvinist attitude. Protestants in Europe (Lutherans and Anglicans for example) don’t seem to have these freaky attitudes about sex.

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    Richard D. Lee

    Contrary to the other poster. It is very rare to find a culture that does not find Sex Dirty to some degree. I have travelled to every continent and many many countries. MOst cultures have taboos on sex. This isnt a Christian thing sweety this is a human thing. Why, because men want to posess women. Women need to be selective in mating, so the taboos come into play to protect humans. I am no christian jew, or muslim. But I know people in all those religions, I also know a few Hini, budhist and atheist all of which have seuxal taboos and ideas of nasty sex. So becareful about your prejudice and grabbing someone elses prejudice.

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    puritanism, plain and simple. The idea that a person by nature was wholly sinful and could achieve good only by severe and unremitting self-discipline. (Which, I suppose, *is* directly related to Pauls flesh v. spririt philosophy) Also in play is the fundamentalist beliefs that sex is for procreation and only acceptable between a husband and wife. Or, more succinctly, sex is fun and anything that’s fun MUST be sinful and a moral wrong.

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