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    I just read the post by Crystal K and she asked why do whites kill for money and almost every post by whites mentioned O.J.? Why? I am so tired of hearing his name. It’s not up to me to say whether or not O.J. killed his wife and if he did I sure don’t know why but I would speculate it was out of passion and jealousy not money being they were divorced and he was the breadwinner. Claus von Bulow, on the other hand, might have attempted to kill his wealthy, socialite wife for money. What did O.J. have to do with that question? Nothing except for the fact for whatever reason he’s viewed as the notorious black killer. The poster that said whites get more media coverage–I disagree and feel you are misinformed. According to a ’93 study 60% of news about blacks is negative. The media is great at distorting facts and appealing to certain races and classes of people. If the media was honest and truthful the need for this site wouldn’t be in such great demand to shatter sterotypes the media has helped to create.

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