Why has ‘intellectual’ become a dirty word?

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    Why has ‘intellectual’ become a dirty word? As I listen to, or read various political commentators I have notice a pattern. Whenever one of this commentators disagrees with a study or teachings put forth by a university professor or other scholar, rather than discussing the merits or lack of, of said study, the commentator just dismisses the value of it by labeling it the work of an ‘intellectual elitist’. ‘Elitist’? These are persons that have dedicated their life pursuing and disseminating knowledge. And yes some make a handsome salary compared to someone of limited education. But this salary is not even remotely close to the gains of someone pursuing money, say the CEO of a company. I thought that the signs of an enlightened society were to seek the advice and direction of the wiser more learned individuals among them and that knowledge and education is held at a higher esteem. What gives?

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