Why do African-Americans choose muslim names?

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    Now, living in France, it would be a lie for me to claim that I have known an extensive amount of African-Americans in my lifetime. I have however, from what I’ve seen on TV, noticed that it seems to be quite common for black americans to choose Muslim names (without actually being muslims themselves!). I once met a black American named Malik, who was a devout christian believer with a tattoo of Jesus on his chest, but still, his name was Malik; a muslim name! I have seen people named Malik, Karim, Tariq, Jallel (spelled Jaleel with them), Ahmoud, Ahmed, Amir… These are all muslim names, and to be honest with you, a lot of righteous muslims would take offense if Christians misused our names. Why do African-Americans, who are Christians, choose Muslim names? And do they realise it sounds somewhat peculiar to Muslims, hearing a Christian with a Muslim name?

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