Why are whites so prejudice/rascist?

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    Its 2004 and i’m still hearing of racial issues with whites. Not too long along ago a black kid was jumped by 20 whites kids not too far from where i was living in Maryland. At my school, everyday they make announcements over the PA about the ‘f*ck niggers’ messeges written on the bathroom walls. Everyday my father comes home from work and tells me about the glass ceiling for blacks. I’m half white and my white mother’s whole family disowned her because she married a black guy. Her own father called her a ‘nigger lover. Do you think its just coincidence that the white race has had conflict with every other race on earth? They tried to kill off the Native Americans for their land and blacks after they couldn’t use us for slave labor.And then they won’t except the blame for the poverty and crime which plagues black ghettos and Indian reservations. I do agree that theres alot of good white people out there, but this isn’t your regular ‘few bad apples’ scenario. I am not proud of being half white, and its not just because ‘white pride’ is mainly amongst white supremiscists. I just want to know why.

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    Name : DaShawn, Gender : M, Age : 17, City : Germantown, State : MD Country : United States, Social class : Lower middle class, 
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