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    First I would like to say that I believe anyone born and/or raised in the United States is an American (I have trouble using this term in this context, but this seems to be the simplest way to describe someone ‘being of the United States’)–and that’s that. But who do people from other nations think is an American? I’ll give some examples as to why I ask. I have a very sweet and sincere friend from Korea who has lived in my town for nearly two years. After meeting our tall, dark-haired neighbor, she asked, ‘is he American?’ I said yes he’s American. My friend thought he looked like some other race (not American), and I said he might have some Arabic or Spanish ancestry, but he’s American. A while ago I was talking to a Moroccan friend and the subject of American people came up; he said something to the effect of black people or Asian people in the U.S. are only ‘part-American’ because at some point their great-great-whatever came from another country. I asked him what I was, then, if two of my own grandparents are immigrants to the U.S.A. He said I was American, not part-American/part-German. I couldn’t understand why he would think that I’m fully American while my black countrymen were not. These friends of mine seem to think ‘American’ is a race or physical ethnicity, rather than simply a culture or a nationality. Do other people or groups see us this way, or do they know that a person of any ancestry can be an American?

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