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    With the recent fights in the NBA and the drama over T.O., I have come to notice some things. White people seem to believe that when a ball player makes the money that he does(money that comes from the fans!), he should act like a decent person in general. Whites seem to believe that these persons should act like role models. And lets face it, like it or not many of them are role models. It is moral issue. Black people on the other hand, seem to look at it as a racial issue. The white fans want the black player to be a certain way. WHY??? No one cares what music a point guard listens too, or if the defensive tackle wears baggie pants to the club. No one cares!! All normal people care about is a good game. Tha is why we buy tickets, that is why we buy our kids shirts and jackets and posters. Why does every thing need to have some sort of racial drama. Did anyone stop to think that maybe Terrel Owens was picked to do the skit on MNF because 1.) He like to show out. 2.) He was arguabley the best athlete on the field that night. He was the perfect choice. for the skit(no comment on the time & place issue). Does anyone stop to think that the reason comedians spend so mauch time on racial issues(and usually, that is when we laugh the hardest!!!)?? Because it is all stupid. We are all different. We came from differnt parents, places,climates, and cultures. If we enjoyed what we have in common, instead of complaing about it, then maybe we can learn to understand each others differences.

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    Name : Andy, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Age : 30, City : Columbus, State : OH Country : United Kingdom, 
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