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    Hello, guys. This post is in reference to the phenomenon known as White Flight. In my opinion, this is bad for a community, and it isn’t natural. It happens for a variety of reasons, namely Real estate issues, overscared people, and Governmental aspects. Everyone, I hope, knows that Diversity is a sham, and that it never truly works. Diversity, as you may call significant populations of different races residing in a particular area, doesn’t last any significant time. I have observed the phenomenon of white flight, and once blacks (not one or two) move into an area and reach five percent, the community is, pretty much, slowly but surely, destined to become a black neighborhood in the future. After this five percent reach, there will be a period of racial transition which can last from around five years to a max of 20. Usually, it lasts about ten years. The transition is slow for the first five years, as blacks increase, slowly, from five percent to around twenty-five to thirty percent’. Usually, the white population declines about five percent per year. After this ‘tipping-point’ is reached, transition occurs swiftly. In all likelihood, the area will be transformed from a 75% white majority to a 25% white minority in the manner of five years. What feeds this? Real estate agents work slowly into bring blacks into a neighborhood once it has reached five percent. They steer them, you might say, for they can make more money selling to a black family, as opposed to a white family, for blacks, supposedly, have less options, therefore, they’ll accept a higher price. That aside, this steering slowly causes the black percentage to increase. Once the black percentage hits around 30%, many whites no longer see the area as viable, for it doesn’t resemble their hometown anymore, for it is not homogenous, and it may have many closed storefronts because the replacing black people do not patronage the businesses the way the whites, whom the blacks replaced, did. Thus, economics gets tied up into this. After this 30%, realators, for the most part, only show the area to blacks, showing whites different areas. This, along with whites feeling discomfort about their community economically deteriorating, leads to whites moving. The transition is, thus, swift. After this 25-30% threshold is reached, the federal govt doesn’t help any matters with Hud Homes

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    Name : Paul30494, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Baptist, Age : 23, City : Atlanta, State : GA Country : United States, Education level : 4 Years of College, 
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