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    They have more programming on NPR than all that, I remember listening to a story on ‘this american life’ about kids at camp finding an abondoned house and tracking down the family who lived there, thats not idocy thats an interesting personal story. and although my family is not rich we still enjoy NPR what intrests me is that you automaticly lumped wealth with liberal political beleifs, do you really buy all that propoganda? the conservative adgenda benifits the rich far more than it helps the poor.

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    Name : Kate25872, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Discordia, Age : 17, City : Twisp, State : WA Country : United States, Occupation : student, Education level : Less than High School Diploma, Social class : Lower middle class, 


    Jerry. I am a black woman and have loved NPR since I discovered it years ago while dial-surfing. Now that I live abroad, I occasionally listen to it thru the internet. I love the stories and international news and perspectives. If there are some items on their show that I can’t or don’t relate to then so what?! If someone said the same thing about one of the hiphop stations or a station that catered primarily to black Americans (which I suspect you are — especially since you didn’t say one way or the other), or a certain youth culture, you’d probably be the first in line to defend it! Lighten up Jerry! There’s something out there for everyone and as long as there is no negative or hateful (or racist) espousal coming from the station, then ‘don’t hate!’. Like one of the responders to your rant said, if you don’t like what you hear, don’t listen!!

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    Name : Marie, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Buddhist, Age : 47, City : Sydney, State : NA Country : Australia, Education level : 2 Years of College, 


    If you find this station so offensive, find another station. DUH! There’s a nightly program for black people on NPR, so it’s not just for white people.

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    Name : Dwanny, Gender : F, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Pagan, Age : 53, City : Springtown, State : TX Country : United States, 


    I agree with the premise of Jerry’s comment. While National Public Radio can be enlightening at its best, it can be very esoteric at its worst. Political leanings aside, NPR offers a respite from the corporate, ratings-driven pablum that is found on other stations. It does an excellent job of offering programming that cannot be found elsewhere because focus groups are not friendly to classical music, traditional jazz, public affairs and other niches. The problem arises in two issues. The first issue is that our tax dollars go toward helping to support a radio network that employs a roster of talent that largely does not represent the rest of the nation. NPR has been very unsuccessful in fostering talent and programs that come from outside the usual crew of WASPs who dominate their airwaves. The other issue is that NPR can be esoteric and quirky to a fault. I would never argue that NPR needs to water down or dumb down its work but it sometimes seems like they are trying to drive away listeners with stories so obscure as to only attract the fewest listeners. Yes, it is important that we are aware of our rich cultrual tapestry but it gets rather cliche when NPR becomes an parody of itself (See SNL skits about NPR) when the same smug, self-satisfied voices run pieces on knitted thumb warmers that are only made in Vermont. Do we want a real radio network for Americans to be proud of? Look at PBS. It has been successful in working its way into the hearts of mainstream America. Thanks to programs like Sesame Street and Nova, public television has found a way to be more like the Sears catalog (with something for everyone) than like the SkyMall catalog that NPR tends to be.

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    Name : JohnM., Gender : Male, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Unity School of Christianity, City : Jacksonville, State : FL Country : United States, 
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