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    What is the origin of the word ‘JAP’ (‘Jewish American Princess’)? What is it about the habits of Jewish women that would inspire such a label?

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    I think a better question would be: What is it about anti-Semites and mysogynist Jewish men (eg Philip Roth) that leads them to coin slurs for Jewish women? Why assume Jewish women have done something to merit this label?

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    I’m not an expert, of course, but from what I know, the term arose from a particular set of socio-economic circumstances. In the New York area, the period after World War II saw many second- and third-generation Jewish immigrants become prosperous and extremely upwardly mobile. Given that fathers often dote on their daughters, and that there was a generation of fathers who suddenly had money, the result was a generation of spoiled brats. With New York being a media center, the stereotype became a stock in trade for the entertainment industry, which, in New York, had a lot of Jews working in it. Why no Italian-American Princess stereotype? No real reason, other than the particular combination didn’t occur at the right time in the right place.

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    The stereotype ‘JAP’ describes a very materialistic Jewish woman. Watch ‘The Nanny’ reruns on TV and study the character that Fran Drescher portrays – that is the stereotypical ‘Jap.’

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