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    When Chaldeans fight, why do they fight in groups with their ‘cousins’ instead of on their own?
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    I think Chaldeans fight in groups because they are used to being discriminated against by groups of people. Chaldeans come from Turkey, Iraq and Iran (countries with more than 95 percent Muslim populations), and they are an ‘unwanted’ Christian minority. They often congregate in groups because it helps them feel more secure. As far as being ‘cousins,’ because the Chaldean community is close-knit, and intermarriage among Chaldeans (as opposed to Chaldeans marrying non-Chaldeans) is common, and because Chaldeans are concentrated in a small area of Southeast Michigan, it is likely that many of the people who say ‘cousins’ are actually related to the people they congregate with.

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    Excuse me, but what’s a Chaldean?

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