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    My boyfriend wants to take me to meet his family at Passover. I don’t want to accidentally offend anyone, so I need to know what to expect. What do I need to do, say, etc.? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I’ve taken several non-Jewish boyfriends to family Sedars (that’s what the Passover dinner and ceremony is called), and they’ve had a good time. Passover is a fun family holiday that’s full of cultural and religious tradition. My guess is that unless your boyfriend’s family is extremely religious and doesn’t want him dating a ‘shiksa’ (non-Jewish girl), his family will be eager to share the day with you. Educate yourself a little about the holiday; ask your boyfriend questions, and do some surfing (start with http://www.judaism.com). There will probably be songs and prayers in Hebrew that you don’t understand – don’t worry about it. No one will expect you to know them. There will be lots of new foods too; Jews don’t eat bread or other leavened things at Passover. You might be put off a little by chopped liver and gefillte fish with horseradish (but give them a try), but most people love matzoh ball soup. There will also be lots of wine (four glasses are consumed at various times during the ceremony), so if you don’t drink, tell your boyfriend to let your parents know – there’s usually grape juice provided for younger kids. Above all, be polite and show respect and interest by learning a little about the holiday and asking questions, and relax.

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    If you have questions about what you see and hear, I’d feel free to ask them. I imagine his family would appreciate your interest. There’s nothing special you need to say or do, other than be willing to learn about your boyfriend’s family and religion.

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