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    I came to this site today to get a feel for the attitudes around the war in Iraq. I could not believe there was no reference to it anywhere! So, I’d like to use this site to independently inquire about this volatile subject. I am interested in one very specific aspect – How has this war personally affected your generalizations of others. Let me explain the reason why I want to focus only on this question. I cannot personally verify ‘information’ supplied to me via the media such as video, statistics and interviews. Such information is of limited value to me since it is inevitably going to be filtered and biased by the editors of that media (even if they claim otherwise). I can however have faith in information which comes directly from you via this forum as long as it is focused on how it is personally effecting your beliefs. Note that significant statistical conclusions cannot be derived from this inquiry without scoping the baseline to insignificance. (i.e. ‘Of the Y? readers who decided to respond to this inquiry, A% support position B.) Yes, I am asking about your biases because this is exactly the kind of issue which breeds and reinforces stereotypes. I’d also like to request that you do not respond to each other’s responses, even if someone’s opinion is the polar opposite of your own. I have intentionally masked my own personal feelings in this post to avoid affecting who will respond and how. I do however have a passionate position and I confess this war is magnifying my own prejudices of others. It does not make my beliefs true, but it is true that the bias does in fact exist within my own head . So, if this war is significantly impacting your beliefs, I’d know to know – and understand. Thank you.

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