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    As an educated, rational and tolerant Jew, I have an irrational fear and hate of Christians (especially evangelists). Any talk of Christianity always provokes an abusive and violent reaction from me. Does any older Jew or Christian understand this?
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    Name : Nicholet, Gender : F, Religion : Jewish, Age : 15, City : Wheaton, State : IL Country : United States, 


    Almost everyone is troubled by the fundamentalists, or evangelists, other than other fundamentalists. I’m a mainstream Christian, and I find most of their behavior abhorrent and contradictory to how Jesus would have us behave. There is a growing sentiment in America against the hard-core, right-wing fundamentalists and their tactics. I understand your fear and even your hatred. But, understand that you are condemning all Christians for the actions of a vicious vocal minority. Perhaps the realization that the majority of Christians are not fundamentalists and don’t feel as though they should evangelize Jews (or Moslems or Buddhists) would help. Maybe you could go find some wise mainstream Pastors (what Protestants call their clergy) and talk to them about it. Perhaps your Rabbi knows a Pastor he can recommend. Talking it over with someone in mainstream Christianity and getting your questions answered in a polite, rational fashion might help a lot to dispel your irrational fear. Good luck!

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    Name : Yahmdallah24330, Gender : M, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Presbyterian, Age : 37, City : Castle Rock, State : CO Country : United States, Education level : 4 Years of College, 
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