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    I would like to know if other American Indians consider ‘tribal’ tattoos offensive, a silly trend or what? I also want to know if whites with tribal tattoos knew the serious religious meaning behind such tattoos before whites started getting them.
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    I don’t know about American Indians, but for the Maori in New Zealand (where they have the ‘ta-moko,’ which are the tattoos covering the thighs, face, and shoulders) it is offensive to many for people to get them. Usually it’s not because they are white, but (like you said) because they don’t know the meaning behind them. A moko takes serious planning, it is extremely personalized, and just copying the design doesn’t cut it. People don’t know the meanings. I think it’s essentially the same thing, copying something with no knowledge of any of the meaning behind it. Although some Maori (one, don’t know his name, he was a government official in NZ) was thrilled that non-Maori people were getting it done, it brought ‘publicity’ and awareness to the idea. I think the whole split would be around the same with American Indians.

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