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    I would like to know how women are treated in certain countries. I’m not sure what countries they are, but on TV I saw a show about women who are told how to dress and how to behave, and are punished if they do not obey the “rules” of the men. If anyone could tell me more about this or tell me where I could find more information on this subject, I would really appreciate it.

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    The problem is much worse than people realize. Most people in most countries are assumed to belong to a family, state, tribe, religion, etc., but not to themselves. Most people – men and women – in the world have very few rights. Someone feels that he or she owns them, and most people accept that. In fact, they like to be ‘owned’ if that means they will reasonably be taken care of. While the problem may be severe for some women, it is also very bad for most men.

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