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    We know how the Japanese-Americans were treated during WWII, but I’ve never heard how German-Americans were viewed and treated. Unfortunately my grandparents are dead, as they would be a perfect source.

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    German and Italian Americans were not treated any differently than anyone else, even after some proved to be Nazi sympathizers/stooges. There may have been some name-calling and bottle throwing, but absolutely no one advocated that they all be rounded up and herded into concentration camps.

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    From what I’ve heard, many German-Americans were indeed looked down upon during World War II. I recently heard that some were treated similarly to the Japanese-Americans. However, if German-Americans were better treated during WWII, then it’s probably because it’s much easier to spot someone of Japanese descent than of German descent. Basically, an Asian is more likely to stick out in a crowd of white people than a German.

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