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    I have many friends and family members who say they would do ‘anything’ for their children: Die for them, kill for them, etc., because their love was so great. These same people subject their children to deliberate, potential harm every day by not putting their children in car seats or seat belts, or forcing the children to inhale their second-hand smoke. To parents who engage in these acts: Do you see yourself as selfish for exposing your children to harm (i.e. smoke), or do you just not realize what you are doing?
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    I am wondering the same thing. When you love your children, you take every precaution imaginable to keep them safe. Why would you not put your baby in a car seat? Do you assume you will never be in an accident? No matter how safe a driver you are, other people are not. Is your child unhappy in it? They get used to having to sit in it if it is never an option. Bring toys! Too expensive? There are lots and lots of agencies which will provide you with a free one. I got one from my police dept. If you live in Florida, you can call an 800# if you see a child not restrained. You leave a message including the license plate number and the state mails the car owner information on car seat safety. Having just moved to Texas, I do not have the number anymore. Call the police or safety council to get it. Too bad Texas does not have such a thing.

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