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    Nadia Basidiq

    To start off, I know that some people might think that I’m too young to know anything about this subject, but for the reccord I’d like to say that me and my friends have more than enough experience in this particullar area. But really, why does America stereotype Christianity being the ‘perfect race?’ From the first time America was discovered by Vikings from around Scottland (not Chirtopher Columbus) Christianity has been adopted as America’s race. And with more than half of North America [including Alaska and Hawaii] being Christian, no wonder Christianity is thought of being so perfect, but most people don’t take the time to see that Christianity is more influenced than chosen as a race. For example: during the time of slavery, Africans practicly lost their herritage and when slavery ceased, most Africans had to choose between keeping their religeon and being mocked by Christians, or adopting America’s so-called herritage and losing their own. But usualy children are brainwashed by thier parents, and automaticly become Christian because it seems that it is the dominant race. Christians see themselves better than other races because (being almost the first race to arrive in America) they think that they deserve respect and that they own the US, and they make a point out of it by stereotyping the ‘perfect’ Chistian family in the ‘perfect’ Christian world. Even the government would choke if an Islamic Muslim man who was born and raised in America, and who [by law] qualified, became president. Yet, thankfully at least one quarter of America has kept thir herritage. So if you are anything other than Christian and you live in North America, and you are being pushed to Christianity, remember that you should never let yourself become pressured to be something that you aren’t. Belive me!!!

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    Name : Nadia Basidiq, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Islamic Arab, Religion : Muslim, Age : 12, City : Ceres, State : CA Country : United States, Social class : Middle class, 
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