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    Rob S.

    To English Market stall workers: Why is it that the assistants in the stalls who shout out to the public (usually about a special offer, such as 4 lbs. of bananas for a pound) always have that trademark high-pitched voice? I have noticed this since I was 16. There is never such a thing as a market caller with a voice like Barry White or Sylvester Stallone. Why not?

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    I noticed the same thing at my previous job (hospital worker). I asked my supervisor about it and I was told that most employers prefer a high pitched (usually female) voice because it comes over the intercom louder and clearer than a deeper voice. Especially in situations like a hospital where a message over the intercom really does mean the difference between life and death.

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    It is not only their way of strategic marketing, but also a branding of their business, wherein it serves their own trademarks that only them can know the right pitch, style and timing. With their techniques they are easily recognizable. Sounds traditional though, but this brought them success.

    Alvin, works at

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