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    I am wondering why it is politically correct to use the terms African American, Asian American, Native American, Hispanic or Latino, but European Americans are still referred to by their color: white. Does referring to European Americans as white perpetuate the ideas of racial differences and racism in our country?

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    On the contrary, I think hyphenated identities are the ones that label people as the ‘other’; I often hear strangers being pointed out as ‘the Asian girl in the plaid shirt’ or whatever, but I don’t hear ‘the European girl in the plaid shirt’ or even ‘the white girl in the plaid shirt.’ Most likely it would be just ‘the girl in the plaid shirt.’ What is ‘white’ is taken to be normal or just plain ‘American,’ so if anyone’s sense of difference is being perpetuated by names it is non’whites’.

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    Name : Priya, Gender : F, Age : 19, City : Berkeley, State : CA Country : United States, 
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