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    I was once thin and now I am fat. Why should fat be synonymous with lazy? I know plenty of lazy thin people who sit on their a** abd stuff their faces all day. I occassionally did this as a thin person, going on junk food binges for the he** of it because I knew my quick metabolism would take care of it. Unfortunately or fortunately, I developed an autoimmune disease and had to go on a drug that made me gain weight. That was over 15 years ago. I dieted three times and lost weight each time only to gain it back. I’ve been fat every since. I’m not choosing to be fat, I hate it! I’m not lazy and I don’t stuff my face. I eat a normal american diet just as I did when I was thin. True, I’m not a gym rat, but the majority of thin people are not either. They’re just lucky enough to have a good metabolism. I may be overwieght, but I walk a lot, I keep myself and my home clean, I work everyday, and I’m willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. I challenge anyone to show me how this equals lazy.

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