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    I was raised Catholic and all of my family is still Catholic. I am now Protestant, and have been since age 13. My parents did not allow me to attend any Protestant churches, youth groups, etc. I identify myself as a Protestant, because I made a personal commitment to Jesus at age 13 and my Catholic church never seemed to talk about making a personal decision to accept Jesus as Lord. I believe I went from destned to hell to destined to heaven because of acknowledge Jesus’ death for my sins and his resurrection. I agree with Protestant theology, but not with Catholic theology on issues on believe are essential to Christianity and the Bible. Thus, I am Protestant. For a few years now I have attended Protestant churches and groups and definitely appreciate the fellowship, encouragement and challenge of people who share my beliefs.

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    Name : tracy24857, Gender : F, Age : 21, City : Champaign, State : IL Country : United States, 
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