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    I agree with ‘SJ’ and will amplify. Many of us bisexuals can’t understand why ‘monosexuals’ (people who define themselves as strictly hetero- or homosexual) are NOT attracted to both (all) sexes. I’ve often wondered– if we were not subject to such stringent cultural and religious conditioning, we’d all have the capacity to love and share intimacy with people of any gender. I tend to choose a beloved on the basis of their character, emotional compatibility, compassion, sense of humor, quality of eye contact, a host of attributes that come before the design of their genital plumbing. Human sexual behaviors are so diverse that stimulating, loving, hot and completely satisfying sexual relations are possible in any combination of gender. Homosexuals and heterosexuals alike tend to be identified by who they won’t or can’t love. Bisexuals identify by who they can — either gender. Telling me to make a choice seems to make as much sense as saying, ‘Since you like skiing, you can’t ever swim.’ Please understand also that there are many ways that bisexuals manifest their sexuality. Some are lifelong monogamists, while aware of their attraction to the other gender. Others are serial monogamists (like most people in the US), and may have a marriage or relationship with a person of one gender and then another. Some manage two (or more) simultaneous relationships with any combin ation of genders (sometimes called polyamory). Some are downright promiscuous (as are some hetero- or homosexuals). Some choose celibacy. I doubt that it is entirely a matter of choice to be a bisexual, any more than it is to be a hetero- or homosexual. I hope this gives you an idea of what bisexuality is, and can be.

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    Name : G. Schaffer, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Bisexual, Religion : Unitarian, Age : 47, City : Barnstead, State : NH Country : United States, Education level : Over 4 Years of College, 
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