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    A subject I haven’t seen brought up yet is language conflicts among Latinos, especially some people looking down upon those who mix their Spanish and English together in the Spanglish, Calo, or Tex-Mex dialects, doing such things as conjugating English words the Spanish way and vice versa. To me this is a wondeful example of adapting, but what do other Latinos think? Also, to public school Spanish teachers: Why do you insist on teaching Castilian Spanish as the only ‘correct’ way and Latin American versions as ‘wrong’? Isn’t this like teaching British English is the only correct way to speak the language?

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    I am a student at UNC-Chapel Hill who is not Latino, but who has studied Spanish and traveled to Latin America. I also feel that ‘Spanglish’ dialects of Spanish/English are definitely viable languages. Also, I think the reason Castillian Spanish is taught is that it is the most universally spoken (or at least understood) form of Spanish and is what is needed to be successful in the business/professional community. This is the same with teaching standard American English in high school. It does not mean the other forms are wrong, but to be successful in this world, it is generally necessary to be able to speak in the standard dialect.

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    Well, foreign born Latinos consider Spanglish as Americans consider Ebonics. It is just an aberration to the language. You portray yourself as uneducated if you speak like that.

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