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    I can’t understand why black people feel that they can’t trust or like white people because of the way that their relatives have been oppressed. I am an American Indian so I can understand the injustice that early americans (black, indian, irish, jewish, russian, etc…) had to live through. I was born after all of the major racial problems in our country were over and fortunately wasn’t exposed to any of the racism that existed before this. I know that all black people don’t feel this way but I have noticed it from people my age group and younger. I was raised in the South and have seen some really stupid people (on both sides) discriminate because of the color of someone’s skin. The worst of all of this racism was basically just name calling that never escalated into anything more than just a fist fight (only once). I have never seen or heard of anyone being oppressed and would like to understand this. Is it just a way for some people to try to get sympathy for something that they haven’t been exposed to? Are they using this as an excuse for a handout? I’m really not trying to start an arguement with anyone on this subject but it is something that I have always noticed and was just curious? Thanks

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    Name : Dave26036, Gender : M, Race : American Indian, Age : 32, City : Norflok, State : VA Country : United States, Occupation : Technical, Education level : 2 Years of College, Social class : Middle class, 
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