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    What continent is the Middle East grouped under? And what race are the people from there considered: white/black/other?

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    The Middle East consists of North Africa and part of Asia. The people are of all ethnic descents, but Arabs and ethnic Jews are Semitic. The Iranians are Persian/Farsi, plus you have Assyrians, Chaldeans, Turks, etc. When you mix in the descendants of the troops that were left behind during the crusades, you end up with what is, all in all, a very mixed bag.

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    Someone responded, correctly, that the Middle East is part of Asia and Africa, and also delineated the ethnic groups to which some of the inhabitants belong. Most people, I believe, would group Middle Easterners within the white race. It bears keeping in mind that racial grouping is not an exact science and is probably not a science at all, so any categorization should be looked at with some amount of skepticism.

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