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    Why are more and more youth nowadays forgetting the Creator? Is it that they feel they have to obey too many ‘Do’s and Don’ts’? If so, is there any solution? I like one quotation from Jesus: ‘I give you power to overcome sin, but not the rules and regulations.’
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    Andy B.

    I think a number of reasons exist. First, youth have a tendancy to rebel, so if parents do push religion, certain youth might automatically do the opposite. Second, I think hypocrisy is not limited to Jim Bakker – maybe self-labeled religious people do not act as Jesus did; they are judgmental, narrow-minded, bigoted, greedy, etc. Given that, why would anyone want to be ‘religious’? But lastly, I find that many young people are or are becoming religious, experimenting with their feelings and beliefs. Just because someone might not see religion or the Creator as you do does not mean they are not religious.

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    Many of our youth today are looking for a good solid base of belief that gives them focus in their very busy and confusing lives. Many are wanting to learn about God and what he stands for and how to have peace and accept Jesus as their Savior. I am a Christian, if you can’t tell! However, there are too many churches today that do and will not accept the fact that they need to be open to the culture of todays youth and institute programs just for them. They are very set in the ‘old’ ways, and feel that if the kids don’t want to come and worship in the old way then that’s their loss. Unfortunately, it is the loss of the old and staid church, because our youth of today have so much energy and compassion and are just aching to find ways to share. I managed to find a church two years ago who embraces our kids and their energy, their quirkiness, and their compassion and we have a youth service and center that is about to bust at the seams. The youth pastor is a man of God and doesn’t let them squirm away from the facts, but does it in a fashion that let’s them know they are important for who they are, not who someone thinks they should be.

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