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    Itay B.

    What’s the name of the hat made of feathers that Native American chiefs wear?

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    It’s not really a ‘hat.’ That implies it’s casual, everyday headgear. It’s called a war bonnet, and it is part of the regalia (NOT costume, as that would imply dressing up or pretend) used only for ceremonial occasions.

    And please don’t get the idea that we dress like in the old (and usually inaccurate) movies. As far as everyday wear, we dress pretty much like other people – t-shirts, jeans, flannels, baseball caps.

    I also should point out that only some Indian nations use it. Many more have traditional headwear made of animal fur, bands of cloth, shells or bones, or combinations of these. Many also use plumes of feathers or individual feathers from birds that have special ritual significance. There are more than 500 Indian nations in North America alone, and each has a different tradition of what they wear.

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