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    There is a reparations movement in the U.S. by some blacks, seeking compensation for their ancestor’s enslavement in the early years of our country’s history. Perhaps, being of European descent, I’m missing something, but didn’t the great Civil War in the 1860’s finally eliminate slavery at a cost of hundreds of thousands of white AND black men? In my Vermont hometown, and in many others, there is a monument to the local men who died for this great cause. Some questions I have are: How should reparations be made? Who should qualify for reparations? How should the reparations be paid (cash, educational vouchers, tax credits,etc.). Should the reparations come from only the states that allowed legalized slavery or from all 50 states? The heinous treatment of slaves in our country’s early years is incomprehensible to me and most Americans. However, are reparations the right solution? Is there ANY soultion? How could a payment (of any amount) possibly compensate for this?!? Is this an attempt to collect for the discrimination faced by blacks since the end of the Civil War, and if so, aren’t these two separate issues? Further, for the record, I have friends, co-workers and several relatives and blood relatives of African descent with whom I am very close. I would appreciate responses from academia or others with knowledge of the reparations movement. You should note that Vermont lead the nation in banning slavery circa 1780, even before being admitted to the union as the 14th Colony of the United States.

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