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    My concern is with young people who have what seem to be made-up names — names with accents or apostrophes or pseudo-French prefixes like ‘De’ and ‘La’. For example, here are a few from my local newspaper’s list of recent births: LaTroy, LaShawn, Yaz’min. I realize that names like Dakota and Dallas are just as odd-sounding and that names like Tiffany, Brittany, and Kayla have replaced names once popular (like Beatrice, Sally, and Ethel). I also realize that there have always been unusual-sounding or made-up names (Isma, Olla, Una). Do authority-figures and others who see these new made-up names have a pre-conceived notion about the people who have these names? Are they seen as lower-class or classless? Has anyone in a position to make a hiring or other decision ruled out someone because he or she had one of these new names?

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