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    On a daily basis, Muslim media in the Middle East castigate, excoriate, and harshly criticize everything the United States does and how the US is engaging its own jihad on Muslims. Many Muslims worldwide–and here in the US–rejoiced over the catastrophic events of 9/11. If the US is so anti-Muslim and hostile to Islam, why do millions of non-US-born Muslims CHOOSE voluntarily to emigrate to this country to live, work, and raise families, enjoying all of the ‘decadences’ in our country Muslims worldwide condemn the US for having? If the US is such a decadent country hostile to Muslims, why are there members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia –the birthplaces of Islam, Bin Laden and his sympathizers–very happily and comfortably living the lives of Riley in Florida? If the US is so hostile to Muslims and Islam, why don’t Muslims who criticize the US yet voluntarily–and joyously–live in the US not uproot their families and go live in a purely Islamic nation in the Middle East or Asia? Why are members of the Muslim diaspora not rushing to return to their own ‘homelands’, such as Iran or Saudi Arabia, where the iron-fisted Islamic rulers would be more than happy to make their citizens conform to a purely Islamic–and repressive–society?

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