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    I’m 14yrs old and me and one of my friend were at each others throats over something so stupid. I have a african american friend who goes out with a white boy, and she was telling me about him. While she was talking another one of my friends came up to us and was like ‘ew u gon have a white baby’ and i’m she ain’t gon have a baby right now and even if she did it wouldn’t be white, it would be black and white. And that was what set it off. Me and her starting going at it. She said that the baby would be white because the father was white. So i brought up the fact about during slavery why when a WHITE slave master rapped a slave who was BLACK and she consived a baby they labeled the baby as BLACK?!?!?! when i said that she didn’t have a answer. she skipped over that and went on to say that If a black male has a child with a white women then the child would be considered black because a child takes after their father. Which didn’t make sense because of what i’ve seen and heard from movies and other people. And by that time we had got off of wut we were talking about because she started affending people around me so i just wanted to end it and go one. So i called one of my friends that has a white father and a black mother what she considered herself and she said black because when she tells people wut her parents are even tho she has a white father they say she’s a nigga baby or black. I love white people they cool and when we were finished with that i was like DAMN we are kinda messed up for even arguin over that. But people are so confused by what others consider them because people try to name someone even tho they don’t know everything. Even tho i was arguing with her about that, i say its no ones business what you are and you should be proud if your Mixed with two different colors because u have the best of both worlds.

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    Name : Camille, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Black/African American, Religion : Christian, Age : 18, City : Warren, State : OH Country : United States, Occupation : College, Education level : 2 Years of College, Social class : Upper class, 
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