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    I’m having an inner debate also. I was born a Chritian, but due to learning things about a few religions, i’ve become lost. I’m not a catholic -Catholic church corrupted by men during middle ages, molded to fit the best interests of a few powerful men. Refermations being an example. Chistianity -I believe totally 100% of what chritianity teaches. But They have flaws such as they changed the Sabbath for somth reason and they have minor technicalities. Jewdaism -Basically the old testiment of Christianity which I also belive in 100% Jesus Christ, was a Jew. He celebrated jewish holiday and followed Jewish law. God even refered to the Jews as the chosen people. The probablem is the Jews do not recognize Jesus christ as the savoir of humanity and the true son of God. They also blow off the new testiment. So thats my debat, Chirstian or Jew? Anyone have any comments?

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