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    I recently had a discussion with my brother’s father-in-law about the Iraq invasion (at the time it hadn’t happened yet). He must have talked for about 30-45 minutes on the virtues of invading Iraq, ridding them of weapons of mass destruction, deposing dictators, avenging 9/11, and to quote him verbatim ‘setting all those crazy people in the Middle East straight’. That’s was his opinion, which to this day I still respect. When it was my turn to respond, I brought up issues such as international law, concept of just war, global consensus, etc. These all brought blank stares from him and when I tied the issue to the ongoing Israeli/Palestinan conflict, he said that he couldn’t answer that because he didn’t know much about it. My question is this: How can someone speak volumes about a recent event such as the US invasion of Iraq, but yet know absolutely nothing significant about a 50+ year ongoing conflict right next door to Iraq and near a lot of other countries where many notable (and disastrous)events took place in the last fifty years? Is it by choice, circumstance or both? I am more interested in responses from someone who shares the same opinions mentioned above. or from anyone who has had similar discussions.

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