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    I am a ‘white’ female (German, Irish, & Native American) and I grew up low class. I am no longer in that category, but am not upper class either. I get very offended by the term ‘white trash’, as much as an African-American gets offended by ‘n****r, or a Hispanic person gets offended by ‘spic’. It seems as if recently in my city, on talk shows, MTV, etc. people are using that term freely like whites did the ‘n’ word in the early part of the century. Do people not realize how offensive this is? Not all poor white people live in trailer parks (which I did- but it did not make me ‘trash’), marry their relatives, and are uneducated. My family was poor because of bad luck, not laziness. I grew up on welfare, but my parents, my sister, and myself have put in long hours working and OUR tax dollars paid for OUR government assistance. A lot of poor white people are the same as me. So what’s up with the ‘white trash’ thing becoming more popular? I doubt MTV would openly have a veejay come right out and say ‘n****r’, ‘chink’, ‘spic’, etc. Ricki Lake nor Jerry Springer would say those words on air. Can anyone offer an opinion?

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    Name : Melissa, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : Human, Religion : Christian, Age : 22, City : Lexington, State : KY Country : United States, Occupation : Customer Service, Education level : High School Diploma, Social class : Middle class, 
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