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    Is it true that Indian women practice “eating down” (reducing their food intake) during pregnancy? What are the reasons for this, and why do Indian women eat only after the males have finished? Can someone help me with more information so I can understand this?

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    I don’t know about the ‘eating down’ practice you mentioned. However, in some cultures, males are so dominant that there isn’t even parity regarding food consumption. Men will eat first because they have a higher status than women. Whatever is left is consumed by the women and children. Choice food items such as meat might even be off limits to the woman who cooked it.

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    Being an Indian woman, I’ve never seen other Indian women eat less during pregnancy, unless they had morning sickness, which is not ethnically specific. It may be that Indian food is spicy and bothers the stomach, and Indian ladies have a more restricted diet that way. I’m pretty sure, though, that eatung less is not a cultural thing. For the second part of the question, in my experience, the eating seperately is quite similar to the American situation of the men watching the ‘game’ while the women sit in the kitchen adn chat. Long, long ago, in Indian villages far, far away, the men were considered more important, as the hunters, warriors, etc. In tribal cultures, the more important people ate first. This isn’t solely an Indian thing. See who eats first at a traditional ‘white’ dinner, too. Dad gets the big piece of chicken, right? The tradition has held up over time, even though the belief that started it hasn’t.

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