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    Nor are most English speaking Americans. Yet we are continually referred to as such by Latinos. Would an American Latino be upset if I called him “Spanish”? Because that makes about as much sense. The question is, do you understand the difference between “Anglo” and “Anglo-phone” and you’re just being pejorative? Or do you really not get that calling Jewish, Slavic, Celtic and other “white” Americans “Anglo” would be like calling a Franco-phone Haitian “French”? (Or a Mexican-American “Spanish”) Is this an intentional insult or are people just ignorant?

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    I grew up down south, and if you were brown and spoke Spanish, you were ‘Mexican.’ I think it’s just a convenient shorthand, to be honest, I don’t think it’s either a matter or insult or ignorance. Kind of like how people from the British Isles are ‘English’ regardless of whether they’re Welsh, Scottish, or what have you. Is it the most accurate thing in the world? Not really, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to change either.

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