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    The idea of Reparations for slavery is just and it would be nice, if we lived in an Utopian world, for it to actually take place. But how can anyone expect reparations to ever become a reality? Though this is long, it is just a small list of problems the idea raises…. 1.Who pays? 2.Is it an overall tax on Americans to create a fund? 3.Do only white americans pay? 4. What about mixed race? 5. What about African-heritaged people who have no records of their slavery? 6. What about an African who just arrived from another country? Do they also deserve reparations? 7.Is it paid to anyone with African blood? To the continent of Africa? 8. What of my family? We might appear to be ‘white’, but we never owned slaves and never had a penny to our collective name? 9. What about people who no longer live in the U.S. or Africa, but were victims of slavery? 10. What about the other races that were also deprived of basic rights and forced into slavery? The theological debate about reparations is definately important. Like Communism, it is a nice idea on paper,….but when you throw in the human element, it’s a wreck. Why waste time fighting for something that will never occur in its present form?

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