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    Diane Tabbott

    What is the significance of the ubiquitous hats worn by Indonesian men (and some black ones here in the United States)? Is it a religious tradition?

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    Name : Diane Tabbott, Gender : F, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Presbyterian, Age : 60, City : Jacksonville, State : FL Country : United States, Occupation : webmaster, Education level : 4 Years of College, Social class : Upper middle class, 


    Most indonesians are muslims, muslims are not required to wear those hats. It could be a tradition left over from an older religion, but otherwise consider it no more strange than a texan wearing a cowboy hat. Usually worn for special parties, ceremonies, many indonesians don’t wear any hat in their daily lives.

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    Name : Tom24094, Gender : M, Age : 31, City : hässleholm, State : NA Country : Sweden, Education level : Over 4 Years of College, Social class : Middle class, 


    It’s a Muslim prayer cap

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    Name : Alex, Gender : M, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, Religion : Agnostic, City : LA, State : CA Country : United States, Occupation : student, Social class : Upper middle class, 


    do you mean those oval shaped black hats with flat tops? it’s called a ‘songkok’, and worn by muslim men very commonly in indonesia and malaysia, and other muslim communities in this region. it is more of a cultural dressing thing than religious; it’s certainly not required by islam. you wear it in more formal situations, for prayers, sometimes for school. usually paired with the ‘baju melayu’, as part of national dress

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    Name : Lish25698, Gender : F, Race : Asian, Religion : Christian, Age : 20, City : KL, State : NA Country : Malaysia, Occupation : student, Education level : High School Diploma, 
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