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    Why has it been the craze for some to wear pants that hang down to the crotch and drag under the shoes?
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    This trend was started in California’s black communities. In prison, belts aren’t allowed, so sometimes their pants were baggie. Some prisoners chose to continue that style to show that they’ve been in prison. This style was then taken to the music industry through hip-hop and rap, and white kids in the suburbs copied it to show how bad they are.

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    This fad apparently started in prisons. If you are a man on the ‘receiving’ end of homosexual activity in prison, or you are basically willing to give up the booty, you wear your pants down low to give access to the other men and show that you are submissive that way. So if you know any men or boys in your life who are dressing that way, mention this to them and it might persuade them to stop doing it.

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    It originated in prison, I think. No belts. Adopted by rappers then picked up by kids.

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