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    I just finished watching an episode of The Rob Nelson Show about race. What strikes me as odd about shows like that is how it is mainly pointed at white racism towards other groups. The tables are never turned to show how each race has a problem with another. One example, my friend, Andrea, who is black, her mother doesn’t want her dating a white man. Her mother is not the only example. In Michigan, back in 1995, a white girl and two white boys were jumped by a group of black teens after they ended up on another part of town while train jumping. The girl was raped and almost killed. The two boys were killed. It didn’t receive nearly the kind of press that other ‘hate crimes’ do. Why? Is it just easier to point out white racism? True, it does exist. That’s life. However, racism from every other group is just as widespread. A more recent example is Sen. Trent Lott’s comment which forced him to resign. Was it right? Absolutely not. Am I defending it? Never. My point is that Sen. Lott’s comment was much more widely publicized than Rev. Jesse Jackson’s comments about Jews declaring part of New York ‘Hymie-town.’ Honestly, I see a large double standard when it comes to race in this country. Does color matter? Absolutely not. This is the 21st century. However, there are groups who, without the factor of race, would go bankrupt. When someone of color brings up race, they’re seen as honest and open. It’s seen as okay. When someone white brings up the subject of race, they’re almost automatically branded as a ‘racist.’ Why is that?

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