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    I figured I’d reply to an older poster message(since it didn’t have a reply). ‘THE QUESTION: GD61: To people of different demographic backgrounds: It seems that each decade has been marked by a theme. The 1960s was the ‘hippies,’ the 1970s was ‘disco,’ but what was the theme of the 1980s, and with the 1990s almost over, is there a theme for this decade? POSTED FEB. 17, 1999 Michele P., 22, female’- To add to your time line theme; 80s, 90’s plus current; The theme of the 1980s was New Wave. Wth the dying of Punk Rock and the emergence of Goths/New Romantics came another, the mainstream form of music culture, called New Wave. New wave music was/is an off throw of Post-Punk music of the early 80s. Punk Rock starter out as an all out war against Disco, it brought Rock Music back when classic Rock became stale. The bands to notably influence this New Wave was Joy Division. Joy Division (era late 70’s to ’80) had the whole ‘synth sound’ ( when guitars and drums were usually downplayed by synthesizers ) …etc., which lead to people wearing suits, playing synths on stage, dressing glam-movie star on stage. One notable New Wave band is Genesis. Some of the New Wave reflected the Reagan Cold-War-Era. Not to mention MTV’s stark beginning-yes when MTV was actually Music Television! The fashion included but not limited to; Lace gloves, big hair, designer suits w/ ties, gummy bracelets, funky colorful makeup. See Cindy Lauper, The Cars, and Flock of Eagles. Another part of the 80s was Glam Rock/Hair Metal/Butt Rock bands, whatever you wanna call them … they faded from grunge… Meanwhile the Gamer( ‘D&D’ culture) were still strong from the 70s and will be currently 00s. In short to say Punk Rock of the 70s influenced all current pop, rock and Rap/R&B( synth backbeat) music of the past current decades.

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