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    I want to know why blacks hate the confederate flag so much? first of all, that flag does not stand for racism if you learn your history correctly. I had 12 relatives in the civil war and am very proud of my southern heritage, some of my relatives did not own slaves. I want to know the ‘real’ reason why they hate it…The only reason people think it is racist, is because racist people use it as a RACIST symbol. That flag has NOTHIN to do with racism. It stands for southern heritage and pride. And it will never come down. Blacks can try as hard as they want, but its not comin down. And also, i want to know why blacks call eachother ‘NIGGAS’ but they dont like it when black people say it? I have 2 more questions, theirs blacks at my school that wear :BLACK POWER: shirts, and that offends me. It’s like they hate the confederate flag and it should be banned from schools, but yet these assholes are wearin black power shirts thinkin its alright. I think that is racist. last one, that loud black bitch on TV today was talkin about how so in so raped her grandmother? Uh, how can people just settle down to one race just because one person did somethin so bad? LoL, black guys rape alot of people too…More than whites probably. Anyways, their the ones that are in most of the jails. Personally, i think blacks are stupid and dirty. The black guys degrade women and all they care about is MONEY, CARS, AND their ‘bitches’…

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    Name : Val, Sexual Orientation : Straight, Race : White/Caucasian, City : Fredricksburg, State : VA Country : United States, Social class : Middle class, 
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